2019 Tournament Results

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Points Tournaments              Congratulations!
​​​ Mar 2nd  Hyco Lake                           Paul & Russ   21#0.6oz  with BF- 6#8.6oz
Mar 30th  Lake Michie                       CC & Rob  16#0.6oz  - Travis w/BF 4#8.3oz
Apr 27th  Falls Lake                James & mitch 14#7.6oz - bf collin / kenny 8#0.5oz
May 18th  Mayo Lake                 James & mitch 15#.50oz - bf JT / Stephen 6#.46oz
June 8th  Kerr Lake
July 13th Mackintosh
Aug 10th Lake Holt *Night
Sept 7th   Hawtree Creek
Oct 5th   Longwood
Oct 26th Hyco Lake

Championship - 

Open Tournaments (non points)

Apr 13th  Lake Michie partner draw             Cancelled due to weather
May 4th  Randleman Lake                  Darrell & Carl  18#13.7 oz withBF-5#11.5oz
June 9th Kerr Lake MLF
June 22nd Lake holt Sunset
Sept 21st  Lake Holt Family