2019 Rules and Regulations
1.  All boats will be powered by electric motors only. No gas generators or motors.   

2. No trolling.  Trolling is defined as having more than one rod in the water at a time, or having one rod held stationary while the boat is used to move the bait through the water column.  Only one rod may be in use per angler at any given time. Multi-hook rigs such as the Alabama Rig are fine.  Any violation of this rule will result in the disqualification of that day’s catch. 

3. Artificial baits only (with the exception of pork chunk trailers).   Live, or once alive, baits may not be present in the boat at any time during the tournament.  Violations will result in dismissal from the club without refund. 

4. Tournament limits will be 5 fish per boat, sized according to state law for that body of water unless otherwise voted upon beforehand.  Fish must be kept in a livewell of any sort that is capable of holding five adult-sized bass comfortably with an aeration system. Failure to possess an aerated livewell disqualifies the boat from competition that day.  All livewells must be checked by an opposing team before fishing.   

5. Only 5 bass may be brought to the scales for weigh-in.  If more than 5 bass are brought to the weigh-in area, this will result in disqualification of that day’s catch and weight.   

6. Dead fish penalty will be 4 ounces per dead fish.  Dead fish penalty will only count toward tournament weight for that day.  Dead fish penalty for big fish is 1 pound.  Dead fish must be taken home and removed from sight immediately after weigh-in.  No dead fish should be put in the lake after weigh-in. 

7. Taking fish home is discouraged, but not “illegal”.  If fish are taken, please do so discretely. 

8. Bodies of water chosen to fish should be at least 350 acres in size unless voted upon otherwise.  (At least the approximate size of Lake Michie/Holt Reservoir). 

9. Membership fees for 2019 will be $50 per angler.  Ladies, Children under the age of 16, retired veterans And active duty military do not have to pay anual membership fees.  Two anglers must be identified as “heads of boat”.  A substitute angler can fish in place of either of the “heads of boat”, but only one of them can be substituted per tournament in order to maintain points for the existing boat. Teams are allowed only 2 substitutions per season.

10. Guest anglers can fish with any “head of boat” at any time during the regular season.  There is no fee per guest angler for a one-time substitution.  After a guest angler has fished in a tournament, they must pay the $50 annual membership dues to fish again.  A guest angler cannot fish the Year End Championship unless they have themselves qualified through adequate participation. 

11.  $45 of the $50 per person annual membership fees will be combined and paid out at the End of Season Championship Tournament.  The payouts will be determined and announced one week prior to the Championship.  As with last season, there is an anticipated first prize of $1,000.00, $500.00 to 2nd place, etc.  The other $5 of the annual membership fees will be retained for club opperations, t shirts, expo, etc..

12. Entry fees into each tournament will be $50.00 per boat.  $45 will be paid back to the top finishers.  $5 per boat will be retained and added to the membership dues for the Classic. 

13.  An optional big fish pot of $10 per boat will be held at each tournament, payable to the person who catches the largest bass that day.  In the event of a tie, with both fish alive, the big fish pot will be split between the two. 

14. season Points champions (team) and big fish of the year (individual winner) will receive free entry for all regular season tournaments next season (not including championship).  

15.  Blastoff times will be announced during the week prior to the tournament on Facebook and by email.  You should be at the ramp no less than 30 minutes prior to blastoff, with correct change for entry fees. At 15 minutes before the scheduled blastoff time, I will stop collecting entry fees and launch my boat to prepare for blastoff.  If you have not paid by that time, it is your responsibility to do so by whatever means necessary before the blastoff. Blastoff will take place at the announced times unless impeded by an unforeseen circumstance (such as gates being locked, etc).  
We will not wait for tardy anglers.  If you arrive after blastoff, you must have your livewell checked and pay any angler in the club your entry fee before you begin fishing.    Failure to do either will result in disqualification of the day’s catch. 

16. If a tournament ends at 2:15, and your foot touches the dock at 2:15:01, you are late one minute.  For each minute that you are late, you lose 1 pound of weight.  After 5 minutes, your catch for the day is disqualified. 

17. Any disagreements should be brought up to the tournament director prior to the completion of weigh-in.  If the tournament director cannot resolve the issue independently, both sides will be discussed with the club as a group and a decision will be voted upon.  That decision will be final.  A disagreement that is unrelated to a particular tournament which cannot be addressed during weigh-in should be handled privately with the tournament director. 

18. Tournament dates/locations are subject to change pending any club member’s request and a majority vote.  This will take place no later than at the previous tournament unless an unforeseen circumstance arises that encourages a change to be made.  In that instance, a vote will be taken by telephone/internet and advertised on social media to dictate the change. 

19. In order to qualify for the End of Year Championship Tournament, an angler must have fished at least 8 of the scheduled points tournaments for the season in the Jon Boat Club of NC.   The Championship will be a buy-in tournament with normal tourney fees applied.  A “Head of Boat” on one angling team may not combine with a “Head of Boat” from another declared team to fish in the End of Year Championship.  The location of the Championship will be decided by a hat draw at the club meeting after the last points tournament of the season.  Each qualified and participating team will nominate one lake (must be a lake on the current seasons schedule) which will then be drawn from a hat. 

20. If two anglers “Heads of Boat” from different teams combine to fish in a regular season tournament, the points will be calculated under a new team.  Neither existing boat would receive the points that day. 

21. Points are calculated as follows:  100 points for first place.  5 additional points for catching a limit.  5 additional points for big fish of the day.  95 points for second place.  3 less points for each consecutive finishing position. (92, 89, 86, etc).  Boats with zero fish will receive ten points less than the last place boat who weighed a fish.  Each boat’s lowest scoring tournament will be dropped from the season standings.   

22.  Everyone must sign the rules and waiver in order to fish.  By fishing in any event involving the Jon Boat Bass Club, you fish at your own risk.  You will hold blameless both the club, its leaders, and membership for any harm, injury, loss of life or property resulting from your participation in the events. 

23.  Sportsmanship Code: JBBC members will maintain a high level of sportsmanship to and fellow members and other people on the water. This is built around encouraging fun and fellowship while discouraging unsportsmanlike behavior.  Anything that detracts from that will be seen as a threat to the club.  Insults, off hand remarks, excessive boasting, or any unwelcomed remarks and/or innuendo perceived as being ill-natured will result in an initial warning.  After this, additional complaints can lead to a dismissal from the club without refund.  Involvement in this club is very much a privilege and it should be treated as such.  We are a small pond.  It doesn’t take much to create big ripples.  Please handle yourselves accordingly.   The JBBC reserves the right to deny membership, terminate membership, and/or limit membership to anyone at any time. 

24. On the water courtesy: While fishing a tournament, please display common courtesy to your fellow anglers.  If you move in front of a boat that is fishing a bank, allow a minimum of 100 yards between yourself and that boat (unless the club agrees beforehand to forfeit this rule for a particular body of water) and/or 50 yards surrounding marker buoy.  At all other times, do not come within casting distance of another competitor’s boat unless the water requires it.  This rule does not apply during the last hour of the tournament.  During that hour, boats may fish as close to other boats as they like.  In instances where the right thing to do may be unclear, just communicate with the other boat and come to an agreement on who goes where. 

25. No fishing in out of bounds areas.  If a particular lake has areas where no fishing is allowed, it is your responsibility to know these areas and avoid fishing in them.  Anyone caught fishing in those areas will forfeit their weight for the tournament.   We will make every effort to discuss these before the tournament when/where they exist. 

26. There is no prefishing allowed the week prior to the tournaments.  The chosen lakes will be completely off limits to fishing from midnight on the Sunday before the tournament until the day of the tournament.  Anyone caught fishing will be dismissed from the club without refund.  This rule does not apply to the camping tournaments.  Prefishing is allowed during the week prior to the camping events so that anyone who wants to make a vacation of the trip can enjoy the water the days before the tourney if they wish. 

27. In the event of a situation where any decision is not clear, a club vote will be held to decide the outcome of that situation. 

28. Each team is allowed to buy-in to one tournament that they are going to miss.  The tournament will count towards your 8 needed to qualify for the championship.
29. If all else fails, do for others as you would hope they would do for you.